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  • In the Tucson area. Also looking for info and contacts with like minded preppers.
    groups.wall 2 days ago
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  • Hello, I'm in Nashville looking loke minded folks
    groups.wall 3 days ago
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  • knife & gun show this coming weekend salem,va heard it on ABC tv
    groups.wall 4 days ago
  • great Monday morning.25 degrees.I hope everyone had a great weekend.
    groups.wall 5 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 9 days ago
  • If anybody is in Woodbridge on a Weds. or Thurs....stop by the new Gander Mountain store and say "Hello!"
    I work from 10 AM till 4 PM.
    groups.wall 10 days ago
  • Gorgeous day, 34 degrees, but we did need the Rain.
    have a great day to all.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • rosabella, what are you needing further info on? The only bad question is one you dont ask. Sadly you cant prepare for everything so what concerns you the most might be a good place to start. I dont have all the answers or even most of them but we are in the presence of others and they may have input..
    groups.wall 13 days ago
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  • from what HE posted,LONG POST. just to many rules & regs for me---I'm sure he has his reasons,
    have a great Weekend all
    going to rain here.& my Work van sunk in the field===my fault I guess,
    groups.wall 15 days ago
  • Lets start with food
    1. How many people are you feeding?
    2. How long are you prepping for?
    3. How are you preparing food?
    -What energy source are you going to use?
    4. How are you storing the food?
    - What is the shelf life?
    5. Are you going to grow food?
    - Do you have seeds for a garden or indoor greenhouse?
    6. Raising animals?
    groups.wall 17 days ago
  • The reason I don't post as often as I'd like is I feel like an amateur compared to the experience the majority of you have...but let's get everyone fired up again! I have a lot to learn and I know many of you have some wise words to offer!
    groups.wall 17 days ago
  • Likewise bogie, researching a lot of different aspects of rural living is what I am currently doing. Sadly now is the moment where you watch the storm approach. During that time learn skills and networking is my focus. I own a business so I get most of the angles of the situations that go on from my clients. I don't talk much but I listen to what is being said.
    groups.wall 17 days ago
  • For me all the basic are in place and have been for some time. I have started to rotate food out and rotate fuel out.
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • Proposal would be based on the five main areas of basic prepping.
    1. Food
    2. Water
    3. Shelter
    4. Energy Sources
    5. Protection

    Now based on your level of current preparedness these are not in order of priority. These are five basic survival skills that should be in every preppers bag of knowledge.

    Once we navigate through the five basics then more advance things like suturing and high end tools can be fun things to discuss. Not that they are not already good things to discuss. Just want to see where the group is and what you have put into action thus far.
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • Apologies I didnt page back far enough to see your previous post. I dont mind if you want to moderate this page but it just kinda caught me wrong. I have usually respond to those that post since the activity is sparse for CO.

    What are your proposals heyyouror?
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • I think that change is with ever one here. You must adapt, change, and improvise to what ever conditions happen at that time and place. Like I just finished learning how to suture from my sister, who is a doctor, and went to nurses class on it. My next step is how to treat head wounds.
    I've been teaching people how to reload and do simple things to their weapons. Being a master gun smith does not mean I know every thing about weapons. I keep my head open to learn new things all the time. Just like the rifle bullet that is a missile and make 90 degree turns. The cost $20,000.00 each but they do have them now. Imagine a shell no bigger than a 300 H&H that will do this?

    I think we should all keep our minds open to new things and new people.
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • Is "Sgt Prepper" still around?
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • What are your energy sources? ...
    groups.discussion 18 days ago
  • Do you have a plan? ...
    groups.discussion 18 days ago