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  • Touching base with the Texas community. I'm up in the panhandle. What areas of Texas are represented?
    groups.wall 1 hour ago
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  • Just wanted to greet and join the WV group. I bought my great grandfather's farm in Hacker Valley several years ago and have been prepping it. Don't know may folks in that area. It would be a treat to meet some like minded folks in WV.
    groups.discussion.reply 6 hours ago
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    • Merritt Island Preppers
    • Merritt Island Preppers This is a group for people who want to be prepared for when the carp hits the fan, may it be economic collapse or otherwise!
    groups 7 days ago
  • Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Wyomingites.
    groups.wall 12 days ago
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  • right now im working on getting this 9mm carbine to go with my 9mm pistol for the fact that they both take the same ammo. it seems ethical to me. what are your you alls thoughts?
    groups.wall 12 days ago
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  • Good afternoon. New here.....loking for locals here in Houston.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
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  • Making in roads on getting a job since i am now officially out of high-school and still having trouble finding one.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • Hello everyone. I believe the reason its difficult to meet similar folks is because theres a lot of people affraid or hesitant to identify themselves as preppers. I do think a great many Okies are preppers but either cant or wont admit to it. Instead they have "storm supplies" or are "ready for the next weather challenge" but very few will take that next leap to possible SHTF scenarios. Just my 2 cents.

    I'm working on expanding my garden and livestock areas. Just got a few baby cows and more chickens. With work and home life, I feel like the mad hatter most of the time "I'm late, I'm late..." Hopefully I'll get to start on some alternative energy projects later this year too.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • Lol... don't you just love auto correct! I didn't mean to put boys! Was supposed to say bobs! Lol
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • Unfortunately, i live within the city limits so i can't have chickens and such ( oh how i miss those fresh morning eggs!). So we are concentrating on getting food built up, boys, and teaching the girls basic skills. We kinda got a late start on prepping but catching up quickly. We have always been ones to go camping ( primitive) and live life simply so many skills are already inbred.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • Awesome!! I'm glad to see everyone. And yes, it IS hard to find others. I'm really glad no one gave up on this group! So what is everyone's latest project? Mine is getting more chickens and such for eggs and food, which means we are building bigger pens. I'm also watching out for barrels to catch and store rain water.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
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  • Welcome to the new members!
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • hey guys! new to prepping its so hard to find people who prep now days! im super excited to caht with you guys about ideas i have and id also like to hear from you all as well.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
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