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  • Good day everyone. Anyone have any experience with complete log cabin home kits? Looking to put up a log cabin in Southern VA and setting up an appointment with Southland homes soon. They seem a bit expensive though. Articles I have read stated that log homes are typically cheaper than stick frames. If you have recommendations for a supplier and builder please let me know. Thanks and happy prepping.
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    yeah DFWguy,it does get hard to keep focused at times..sometimes i think it's harder to keep focused when there's a non-prepper living under the same roof.LOL.. as for having someone to bounce ides off of..that only applies to other preppers of prepperlink,and other prepper forums that im a part of,when it comes to me. i was in the scouts years back.but failed to listen and learn like i should of..on account,that is a good way to learn some things..
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  • i now have a used PC tower,in which i had a hard time signing in.on account i had a hard time remembering my password.any how I'm back..anyone in the piney woods area of east TX...?
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  • This place dead?
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  • All y'all be safe the next couple of weeks. We got storms coming.
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  • All y'all be safe the next couple of weeks. Is gonna be a doozy.
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  • Anyone located in or around the Mays Landing area. PM me if interested in getting together to discuss future events and possibilities of where our country is headed. Looking to prepare for the unexpected.
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  • I would really like to have someone to talk to about prepping ideas and possible scenarios that may occur with the government in our current condition.
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  • Hi, I live in the Shreveport/Bossier area...looking to meet like minded families & learn new skills. My spouse does not understand that we may soon live in a wrol; I tried everything in the last 7-8 yrs. to wake'em up...I guess he's just mesmerized & in a trans state by watching too much television, & believes the MSM, that is 'programming' him even more down into the abyss, & so are my children with their personal mobile gadgets, :-( But Thankfully I do have some success w/my grandchildren (they get it). I could use help with canning, gardening tips,& handguns/rifles/& shotguns. Going to a shooting range is a bit expensive; Wondering if anyone near me has their own land in a rural area that we can practice shooting skills, loading, unloading, cleaning weapons & things of that nature.
    groups.wall 39 days ago