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  • I also bought a (el-cheepo) 12/24 vDC pump off the net (orange) abour $149.99 puts out 1.1 gpm---great emergency pump--1/2" output barbed fitting.haven't tested it for (actual) pressure .but but it will pump uphill 100 ft---tried that.
    groups.wall 20 hours ago
  • as for the well pump
    I bought the pump at northern tool about $ 680.oo added 70 ft Black 1/2" pipe to the surface,then switched to Pex.
    a spigot so I can jump it to the main pump spigot,with a washing Machine hose"double female"
    I have a powered off (1) 4D battery from tractor supply on flat blocks & Styrofoam.a Manual switch to turn the pump on...a 200 psi gage pressure switch to control pressure (IF) I needed to then a 1 gallon bladder tank to smooth out the pump action.
    I'm on the end of the power line & loose power a lot---love being independent.
    groups.wall 20 hours ago
  • I have a 5 ft 115 vac Baseboard heater behind the couch in my Motorhome---think it might be "Markel" thermostat bought @ Lowes...single phase switch looks exactly like the 220 volt switches..
    groups.wall 21 hours ago
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  • Keebler... tell me about your 12 volt dc emergency well pump.

    My well pump is 220v and I have no backup power for it. :( I was thinking about exploring solar, which I can see you have experience with from your profile.

    Do you have a 220v well pump for times when the electricity is on, and a 12v one just for emergency purposes? Or are you running on solar all the time?

    I've been interested in solar for my cabin, but I'm also not quite sure how to size my needs. I have refrigerator/freezer, well pump, two Mitsubishi heat pumps/heater, a washer and dryer, and a few lights and plugs. Not quite sure if I want to size the solar system to run all of it, all the time (get off the grid)... or to only run a subset of necessities when/if the power goes out.

    Thanks for the info in advance.
    groups.wall 1 day ago
  • I wasn't aware that you could buy 110v baseboard units. Didn't see them at my local Lowes.

    I really need to put another one in the bathroom of my cabin too. The bathroom was an "add on" and so the pipes have limited insulation.

    Why the timer? Are you thinking it only gets cold between 4:30 and 8am? I figure if it's cold enough to freeze the pipes, it's cold enough to do it during the day too.
    groups.wall 1 day ago
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  • I have a 2 ft baseboard unit in my well pump house under & near the expansion tank, but only hooked to 115 volts--& a timer on @ 4:30 pm off 8 am.
    stay warm.
    groups.wall 1 day ago
  • Hey Keebler... I was west of Strasburg and it was 26 yesterday. I ended up installing a baseboard heater in my cellar, just so the pipes won't freeze.
    groups.wall 2 days ago
  • 31 degrees here this morning, rain for later in the Day. We need the rain.
    have a great day everyone.
    groups.wall 2 days ago
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  • 9:15 pm Tuesday night---19 degrees on the front of my trailer. 72 inside---love my wood stove.
    have a great night all.
    groups.wall 6 days ago
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  • good cold (15 degrees) morning to all.
    hope you have a great weekend.
    groups.wall 10 days ago
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  • just a light rain -porch not completely wet,35 degrees .Listening to ABC from Lynchburg, sleet possible during the day.
    groups.wall 11 days ago
  • Any of you get snow today? We had a little sleet late this afternoon.
    groups.wall 11 days ago
  • Hello all just moved to area wanted to get a network going
    groups.wall 12 days ago
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