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  • Updating our efforts:

    2nd house is going slowly. Floors are gone to reveal that the floor joists were not up to code and partially rotted. Now we have floor joists 12" on center and heavily braced with bridging blocks at 1', 2', and 4' making the floor so stiff that "a tap dancing elephant can't be felt".

    We're bringing in metal conduit for the electrical. We already have metal exterior grade boxes for the connections.

    The perimeter walls are 2"x6"x8' that have dadoed cross members and diagonal supports . These do not impinge upon the void spaces. We've used 30# tar paper as sheathing and on that, expanded metal lath, another layer of 30# tar paper, 1"x6" treated wood and a final layer of tar paper. No, it does not look pretty. but it will hold up nicely to the weather. The finishing on the exterior will make it look like just about any ordinary house.

    I am implementing several things from Kenley Snyder's Project manual and several of Joel Skousen's tips from his High Security Shelter report. If you don't have it, get it.

    All gas fired appliances are going. No reason to have something that emits CO and has the potential of starting a fire in the house. Insulation is rock wool 6" with the bonus of sound attenuation.

    Planned for the walls are 3/4ths inch sharp gravel packed to 5' in the perimeter walls with rock wool sitting over that. Alternating layers of tar paper and metal lath finish the pocket held into place with 1"x6" sheathing and the final wall finish. It makes the room smaller, but not to the point anyone will notice it much. Windows on the south side and north side save the office/bedroom and kitchen will be removed. Lighting will be LED pots so it won't be a dark space and it uses less electricity.

    Since it's going slow on the inside, I have turned my attention to the "landscaping". The property is not much to get all worked up about. It's been languishing and I have about had my fill of how nasty it's looked. Continued...
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  • Welcome, Susan.
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  • Time to get your thinking-caps on! It appears that there will be another HAM radio "boot camp" in Woodbridge this May. It will be at the same place as last year, but they haven't giving a concrete date yet. I will keep you posted as things develop.
    It is an all day event with testing in the late afternoon. The exam costs about $15 and you can get on the air if you pass the exam. You'll get your license from the FCC a week or so later.

    FYI: The exam questions are online and you can take the test over and over until you pass it. Whatever you do, do not pay for anything that you can get for free.

    If I can do it...anyone can!
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  • Thaddeus, will you be wearing the outfit in your profile pic? If so, we should be able to recognize you pretty easily.

    On the other hand, if you're wearing that -- I think I'll keep on walkin'.... #justsayn.
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  • The next tentative meeting will be at the Wegman's in Woodbridge at the upper level on March 28th at 2 PM.
    If I am running late...just start without me. You might need to buy something from the food court in order to keep Wegman's happy. Some new people might be showing keep an eye open for people that appear to be looking for someone/something. Since this is an informal meeting, the main purpose will for all of us to catch up on things and as a meet-and-greet for new folks that live in the area.

    Hope to see you there!
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  • I guess we few Minnesotan's here will be watching out for those who haven't taking the time to prep. we are south of the metro, but are looking to the very north of the metro.
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  • I'm looking to start a group.
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  • Saturdays are fine with me.
    groups.wall 14 days ago
  • Either of the last two saturdays would be OK with us. Just need a heads up to make plans. The 21st would be the best.
    groups.wall 14 days ago
  • I am interested and will be around next Saturday or in April.
    groups.wall 14 days ago
  • sorry..friends coming to my place for most weekend. hopefully I can make it one Day.
    groups.wall 14 days ago
  • Thad; I'd be interested in a meeting. A Saturday would be good!
    groups.wall 15 days ago
  • Anybody interested in attending a meeting sometime this month in Woodbridge? If so, please let me know and what will work best for you. I am looking for a Saturday....
    groups.wall 15 days ago