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  • We have a local group in SW Idaho. We get together for training on various topics and to also work on hands on projects , like solar heaters, rocket stoves, canning etc.
    groups.wall 2 days ago
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    • ArkHaven group in Arkansas Ozark Mountains
    • ArkHaven group in Arkansas Ozark Mountains We are looking for like minded Christians who want to join with us in a concept we call "A Fellowship of Intentional Neighbors" where we buy land adjacent to each other or within walking distance.  Plans for rentals are being considered when there are funds to do so.  We advocate living in a peaceful, isolated, self sufficient, off the grid farm setting.  We believe that a major part of the Ozark mountains is possibly the safest, most ideal place on earth for this life style in these end-time ...
    groups 2 days ago
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  • So who is still active and around in the Colorado Preppers section? Seems we are all spread out over CO but that is no reason to be silent.
    groups.wall 4 days ago
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  • Hi, I am west of Pueblo between Canon city and Cotopaxi. Been doing this for about 20 years now and have a remote location. there is two of us with what we have gathered and put away for the last 20 years. Any questions just ask.
    groups.wall 5 days ago
  • For all the new comers to this group, there is a small group up in the north Atlanta area (Marietta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell). Most are lone wolfing it but they do meet from time to time.
    groups.wall 7 days ago
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  • Hello! Anyone in Pueblo or nearby? I've had a very hard time finding people from Pueblo.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • groups rosabella, Wryter joined the group Colorado Preppers
  • This group sounds similar to what I'm looking for. I live in Oakton, and I'd like to find some like-minded people in the area. I am married, Christian, conservative, a local Scoutmaster, and have four kids--and I'd really like to be prepared for my family and friends. I've heard that groups can work well together. I also practice some preparation-related activities with my Scouts and my family. Although I am somewhat prepared for certain disasters, I'm sure that there is a lot more that I can learn.

    My kids play in an orchestra in Woodbridge and I frequent the Front Royal area. Depending on the timing of the Nov. 1st meeting, I may be interested in joining you.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • Hello Spiritbeau and Gary Griffin. Thanks for the warm welcome to the local prepping area and prepperlink. I'm not sure if I could make a november 1st meeting, but would be interested in attending a meeting in the future. I am familiar with the woodbridge area as I have many friends from there. I'm also familiar with Stafford since one of my bosses was from out that way. Definitely down for meeting and talking to anyone who is interested just to be able to chat with a prepper about current events, preps, etc.

    email is always available or feel free to text or call
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • Welcome, I live in Manassas. Gary Griffin and I along with many in the region are serious about emergency preparedness and the direction our nation is going. It would be great to get a chance to meet you and hope you take the time to investigate some of the local groups. I think you will find good company in this region of the country.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • I'm a former Coloradoan who lived there for 30 years and while I miss the snowcapped peaks I don't miss shoveling snow. I'm in Kingman, AZ now, enjoying the fact that I can grow heirloom veggies year round. I'd add that it's best to use raised beds here since our soil (caliche) makes Colorado's heavy clays look fertile. Anyhow, this is good area for any of you who might be interested in relocating. I'd add that Arizona is a more liberty friendly state than Colorado has become.

    I'm always interested in sharing prepping info.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • Hi folks, I'm in the Kingman area, just looking for like-minded preppers to share info with.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
  • groups Wryter joined the group Arizona Preppers
  • I'm in Kingman, AZ, but visit Las Vegas and Henderson frequently.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
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  • Kingman isn't exactly in the Prescott area but at least we have the same basic climate and can share info.
    groups.wall 8 days ago
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