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Survivors Militia
Friday, 20 September 2013
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  • Ok, today is October 30, 2017. After the wild fires from Napa county came within 3-4 miles of my home and being under an evacuation advisory for a week, I left everything packed up the way it was and stored it back in the shed. I hope that i never need to repack it in the car again in the future. A week of driving around everywhere with everything i would need was a serious taste of what is wrong with the plan I had made. I am again revising everything and trying to figure out what items i really need with me and what i can get away without. It also gave me pause to reconsider how i would repack the car. I have tried doing a drill and seeing if i can get it all packed in under an hour without much luck. but I will keep trying.
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  • Posted a new discussion, Starting Over???
    Ok, today is June 5, 2017. Due to family issues, I have had to restart all my survival prepping. My G.H.B. bag and my G.O.O.D. bag are both disassembled and I have to restart them again. My food stocks are limited and again have to be restarted.On the bright side, its the summer time which means all sorts of fresh vegatables and sunsune to prep them with. Hopefully I can get everything back together before the idiots in power do something stupid and we all end up in trouble.   ...
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  • Hi there everyone! Hope you won't mind me posting this - I hope it's of interest.

    I work for a production company called Raw TV and we're developing a new documentary series with a major US network that will hopefully be the precursor for a small number of families to pursue their life long dream of moving off the grid in the Pacific North West. Interested? Willing to relocate? Dreaming of living off-grid? Get in touch with us today on! Please indicate where you're based and your phone number. Happy to give any of you a call to discuss details and the like.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    Marta Aliaga
    Assistant Producer
    Raw TV
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  • I take it this group is not active?
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    srb6101 Not anywhere near as active as I would like it to be. Unfortunatly real life gets in the way of it all the time.226 days ago
  • I share a frustration prepping on a budget but what i do is apply a "prepping tax" by purchasing one extra barter item every time i go to safeway. Example. One 750ml bottle of whichever alcohol is on sale. I dont drink myself but know alcohol was used ALOT for barter during Russian collapse.
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  • Just finished bare bones preps: food for many months (or few weeks depending on how many extended family ends up with us), water storage, medical storage (im a nurse so my med kit is extensive), weapons, and barter items for post currency collapse.
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  • Even though I know i can survive a short term power failure, I still feel that I will not do as well long term since i am still operating on limited supplies. I keep adding to them slowly but unfrtunatly feed ing the family on a limited income means i dont always get to buy this or save that item for the future. ...
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  • Today Is October 3rd. I am 2 days behind on starting off the Morse code training announcement that I wanted to post at the beginning of the month. I plan on pushing everyone to learn morse code so we have a way of communicating that can use simple radios to construct, and that the signal might be able to transmit further than using voice with much less power.
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  • Posted a new announcement, Time to Learn Morse Code
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  • I am still unsure if i should switch over my b.o.b. yet or hold off a few more weeks. the California weather doesn't seem to want to make its mind up about if it wants to be hot or cold. We are getting temps overnight in the mid 50's but during the day up to the mid 80;s. I already have a light windbreaker in the bag.
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  • Posted a new discussion, Always Monitoring CB Radio
    While sitting at my desk, I generally turn on the CB Radio that is sitting on it. I monitor channel 31  USB normally. but also do scan other channels. The best time to find me is usually in the mornings. ...
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  • I'd like to say welcome to the Survivors Militia page......
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Survivors Militia - Surviving The Collapse Of Civilization.

We are a group (ok just myself and a part time friend) that are working on different skills to have ready should the SHTF. We are located in Fairfield Ca and are inviting the residents of Fairfield, Suisun, and Vacaville, CA to join together and learn from each other  in order to ensure the survival of ourselves.

Thursday, 03 October 2013 by srb6101

Today is October 3rd. I am already 2 days behind in posting but it can be made up. Today you should be learning the morse code letter A.

If you need the MP3 for the letter  email me and I will send you the file.