Oklahoma Preppers

Oklahoma Preppers
Saturday, 11 August 2012
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  • 531 days since my last comment? Wow... Checking in again... wondered if there's anyone in the region(SE OK) and what they might be up to.
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  • How does a person join a group like this? Do any of you people know each other?
    groups.wall 413 days ago
    chemalurgy I just joined today. I don't know anyone here, but I'm hoping that will change. We have to be active in order for others to do the same, I think.384 days ago
  • I'm actually eager to be growing more grass than food this year... finally have enough pasture cleared to run sheep.
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  • Also checking in. Busy winter with my new job and all. Now that the weather is getting better time to get out more!
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  • Lol no. We are here. I'm busy planning gardens. If all goes well, I will be growing more food than grass this year.
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  • I'm looking for like minded people to meet with and share ideas. Maybe have contacts if TEOTWAKI happens. I've been looking for a group that has meetings, with no luck. There aren't many members here. I hope this isn't indicative of the mind sets of Oklahoma.
    groups.wall 675 days ago
    chemalurgy I saw your post and I'm also looking to meet like minded people to share ideas. Unfortunately, people are taking prepping seriously. It's an afterthought instead of something that they are doing on a daily basis. I'm a writer who is working on a Survival Guide and am very serious about prepping. Maybe we can learn from each other.384 days ago
  • Doesn't look like there's been any activity for over a year- hopefully you all are just too busy prepping and gardening.
    groups.wall 800 days ago
    NeverGiveUp I'm still here... Although it has been while for me. It's hard to find others in this state that are getting ready or maybe it's just hard to connect with them. Working on getting family and others educated on preparedness right now. Be blessed and stay safe!800 days ago
  • Wannamaker gun show next weekend in Tulsa
    groups.wall 1176 days ago
  • Has anyone tried Froglube yet? I put it on my guns and they perform better and have a better protection against rust.
    groups.wall 1205 days ago
    scottrob76 I bought some from Oklahoma Patriot Supply and tried it on my AR.......it pulled carbon out of places that I never would of dreamed of. I spent 30 minutes or more cleaning that AR before I switched, now it only takes 10 minutes.1203 days ago
  • right now im working on getting this 9mm carbine to go with my 9mm pistol for the fact that they both take the same ammo. it seems ethical to me. what are your you alls thoughts?
    groups.wall 1234 days ago
    wat8804 exactly what i was thinking.im also wanting to get my wife either a little 380 or the smallest 9mm we can find so that all our guns except the pump takes 9mm and we can stock up on it1232 days ago
  • Making in roads on getting a job since i am now officially out of high-school and still having trouble finding one.
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  • Hello everyone. I believe the reason its difficult to meet similar folks is because theres a lot of people affraid or hesitant to identify themselves as preppers. I do think a great many Okies are preppers but either cant or wont admit to it. Instead they have "storm supplies" or are "ready for the next weather challenge" but very few will take that next leap to possible SHTF scenarios. Just my 2 cents.

    I'm working on expanding my garden and livestock areas. Just got a few baby cows and more chickens. With work and home life, I feel like the mad hatter most of the time "I'm late, I'm late..." Hopefully I'll get to start on some alternative energy projects later this year too.
    groups.wall 1235 days ago
    Russdawg01 I am also starting my Solar project. I have been studying how to build my own solar panels using cells from damaged solar panels, than can be bought fairly cheaply to save some cash. I have already begun getting supplies together to build a test panel to determine actual final cost and feasibility.1235 days ago
  • Lol... don't you just love auto correct! I didn't mean to put boys! Was supposed to say bobs! Lol
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  • Unfortunately, i live within the city limits so i can't have chickens and such ( oh how i miss those fresh morning eggs!). So we are concentrating on getting food built up, boys, and teaching the girls basic skills. We kinda got a late start on prepping but catching up quickly. We have always been ones to go camping ( primitive) and live life simply so many skills are already inbred.
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    wat8804 i too live in a city type of area. so my bug out situations are sort of unclear atm always trying to figure out good routes. and or the option to stay bugged in1234 days ago
  • Awesome!! I'm glad to see everyone. And yes, it IS hard to find others. I'm really glad no one gave up on this group! So what is everyone's latest project? Mine is getting more chickens and such for eggs and food, which means we are building bigger pens. I'm also watching out for barrels to catch and store rain water.
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  • Welcome to the new members!
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  • hey guys! new to prepping its so hard to find people who prep now days! im super excited to caht with you guys about ideas i have and id also like to hear from you all as well.
    groups.wall 1235 days ago
    wat8804 thanks man i appriciate it1234 days ago
  • Thanks guys, i'm going to continue returning to this page in the hopes that more and more people will become active.

    I am in the process of cleaning out 5, 260 gallon tanks to be used for water. This is not as easy as it sounds. The containers originally held a water based paint that is safe to consume according to the safety data sheet that came with them. My plan is to get one clean, and then fill it with treated water. I will be keeping them inside the garage so there will be no sunlight, and I am also painting the outsides a dark color. After I get one filled, I want to wait 40 to 60 days and then I want to have it tested to verify it is actually safe to drink. My problem is they sit in the sun a short time after they are emptied,(before I get them for free) so some of the left over paint dries into the pores. I plan on welding a small round wire brush onto some rebar so that I can reach all of the spots that need scrubbing with a cordless drill. And then bleaching the whole interior, and hopefully after getting the water tested, it will be safe. Any thoughts? This method allows me to only be out a lot of elbow grease some water and bleach.
    groups.wall 1237 days ago
    Gary Griffin Free is good. Like you said, test one out first. Those totes can be had for $100 in Va, so a savings of $500 is awesome. Even if the water doesn't test to be safe for consumption, you can still use it to flush toilets and other non-potable water tasks. Let us know how it comes along.1236 days ago
  • Oklahoma City here, welcome to the group Russdawg!
    groups.wall 1238 days ago

This group is open to anyone that lives in or recruits from Oklahoma. If someone would like to moderate this group, please let me know, and I will give you permissions. 

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We are in the Okc area and interested in this project.
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