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Oklahoma Preppers
Saturday, 11 August 2012
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  • Hello to all group members. I'm new to the group and just wanted to reach out and say hi. I'm fairly new to prepping and looking to help, and learn from, others.
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  • Oh, Welcome, Telemakus and Dandy! I didn't mean to be rude.. :)
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  • You guys know about the NSA monitoring everything we do: cell phones, internet, mail, etc. Wellll..... I created a board on Pintrest yesterday called 'Preparedness". This morning when I logged in, my account was in 'read-only' mode, and the little yellow box above (which had never been there before) told me that my account might have been 'hacked', that I was in read-only mode until I changed my password. So I changed my password. THREE TIMES. Did it work? Nope. I'm STILL in read-only mode. This means I can't pin anything else to any of my 'boards' on Pintrest until... well, I guess until they 'let' me. Funny that, huh? I'm NOT happy.
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  • New to the group... Just saying hello to all of my fellow Okie's ! I am from The Tulsa Area.
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  • I'm from Claremore. Is anyone from NE Okla? Be nice to get connected with others nearby.
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    ScottyK I'm also in OKC. My daughter attended her first year of college at Rogers State, so I was in Claremore quite a bit.421 days ago
  • My husband and I finally moved out of the cities, and are now living in the country in Binger, OK. It kinda sucks though. We really got out here too late to plant a garden, but I am going to prep the spot for next spring anyway. I'm currently waiting on carry classes to be held closer to us so Sam and I can attend. we're finally one step closer to being prepaired. How is everyone else doing?
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    ScottyK Binger, wow, I had to look that one up on Google Maps, had no idea where it was.

    My place of employment finally got power back Thursday after being knocked out on the 31 May storms.

    Those storms provided some good lessons, and got the wife one step closer to getting into the prepping movement.441 days ago
  • Wow that would be quite a drive for me... But will do if I can make the drive! And welcome :)
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  • Hi Guys & Gals,
    I am new to this group.Like all of us we have to make a living some way.At the present time i work in a small town called Muldrow .Located 10 miles west of Fort Smith Ar. right on I-40. I will try to help all here with emergency preparedness products that i sell. I don't know how often i can come and post to the site but if you will call me at (918)427-3600 Mon - Thurs 8 am to 4:30 PM CST and Fri 8 am to 12 noon i will do my best to give you the best possible price on any of our products. You can see us at www.baproducts.com Just call and ask for Jeff Shofner if there is anything on our site you need.
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  • Frankie:

    If you see a house under construction, you can always ask if they have scrap or extra building materials. I have done that before. Not all will part with anything, but some do.
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  • Hey poltergeist thanks for that info. I actually took the advice of another prepper on here and bought some land in a rural area. I'm now in the process of trying to get my house built so I can extend my preps. If you all know of anyone or contractor that's selling building wood or materials for cheap, I can try to use anything I can find.

    Again thanks for the advice.
    All the best

    P.S. keep up the good prep work! :-)
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  • @ Frankie:

    Not sure what is your financial situation but maybe renting a self storage unit might work for you. You can look for a storage unit facility possibly located near a fresh water source such as a lake, river or resavoir. Don't tell anyone about it and buy you some sealable plastic buckets and store non perishable items in them. Keep in mind that the storage units get very hot so do not store non perishable food items in these storage containers. You can also store bottled water in one of these units or a water filtration system which you can used at the fresh water source located near the storage unit. If the monthly payments are too high you might want to consider co-renting a unit with another prepper, friend or relative (someone you can trust). These are just some ideas. Hopefully someone else will contribute some good ideas that will help your cause. Good luck to you.
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  • I have not only noticed a much higher grocery bill, but i dont make the money i used to even 3 years ago. Since my husband and i are moving to binger in july, im not stressing too much because our basic living expenses will go down. The only thing that worries me is the economy collapsing, because that will mess all of us up. As i had said earlier, i am planning a good sized garden, and i will be fishing a good deal too. I am VERY nervous about the current state of things.
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    Gary Griffin Yeah, food prices have skyrocketed the past couple of years, and it will only get worse. I purchase a lot from my local farmers market, and end up paying something like a $1 per pound of produce. Check out the farmers markets.503 days ago
  • I'm military. Outside of getting promoted last year, my income has remained for the most part flat. Four years ago my wife could get two weeks of groceries for $300, now she's telling me it's $600 for the same amount.
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    ScottyK I haven’t shopped at the commissary in years. Several years ago my wife tried it a couple of times, and she said that there was no real price difference between what she saw at the commissary compared to Target/Wal-Mart. We do our shopping in Norman, and Tinker AFB is really out of our way.492 days ago
  • I haven't been experiencing economic hardships but my overall income is down from 5 years ago. I mostly blame the drought and its effects on my cotton and wheat crops. I also blame the (non-federal) Federal Reserve for lowering interest rates. My CD account used to make me money. It went from making me 6k a year in interest to $1.06 a year in interest. The government has also cut off programs like CRP. They are no longer funding for Land Conservation Programs.
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  • I am wondering something. Have any of you been experiencing economic hardships lately, as more than normal?
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  • Hey fellow preppers, I really need some help here. I've been trying to find a good place to start my preps outside of my apt and its really hard to do when your trying to stock up, and on that same token. I don't want to have to fight a bunch of neighbors at my door. So what I'm getting at is, can any of you recommend a few places off the grid that has a water source that I can look into because I really want to expand my preps.

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  • It IS a possibility that our pacific bases could be hit. Our forces have sent anti missle and air carriers over to prevent it but yes, it could happen. I read somewhere that if NK detonates a nuke, even a low yield one,, over our heads even at several hundred miles, it would take out our electrical infrastructure, much like an EMP. And that would be in around 48 states. That would absolutely cripple us. THAT is scary. I agree with all of you. Now that NK has steepped up its plans, it only adds to an already bad situation here on american soil. As soon as I am able, my husband and I are applying for our gun permits, and stocking up as much as we can on ammo, food, and we will be trying to find solar panels that will at least keep our water well running. I just have a really bad feeling about all of this....
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  • ok just want to point out that our pacific naval bases including those in Hawaii would probably be hit almost at the out set of hostilities
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  • North Korea is acting up, but on a positive note, OKC has received over 2 inches of rain these past two days! The creek in our neighborhood that was bone dry the last two years is nice and fill. Optimistic for a non 113 degree summer...
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  • Thank all of you who replied to my question about North Korea. I agree with all of you that N. Korea is not much of a threat. Unfortunately, China is a major threat. They have been stealing American stealth technology and building and upgrading their arsenal of weapons. As a matter of fact, they have a new stealth fighter that is on par to our newly developed stealth fighter. If China and their ally Russia enters the war then we have a totally different scenario. China and Russia both have missiles that can knock out American spy & communication satelites. We would not be fighting a third world country but two first world countries with tremendous military capabilities. China and Russia also know that the U.S. and its allies are somewhat spent after ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If there was ever a time to strike us it would be now. My opinion is that China is in fact pulling the strings of North Korea and we better take it very seriously. All this in addition to what Marquette, Frankie and others have said makes for a very dangerous atmosphere. I think I will step up my prepping activities and load up on some more weapons and ammo and food. Thank you all for the responses and best of luck with your prepping.
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  • Problem that i see is.....as soon as something happens over there and with all this media coverage.....it's gonna cause a lot of chaos even here in the mainland
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  • Personally I'm not worried about North Korea attacking the mainland US. They don't have the capability to launch any sort of offensive other than against South Korea. Their entire battle plan is an all out assault against South Korea, and they know they only have one shot at it. Doubtful if China will back them up this time.

    That's what I was briefed when I was stationed in South Korea.

    I agree with MarquetteCain, it's going downhill from here. Fortunately I just purchased a Glock 9mm, but ammo is continuing to be difficult to find.

    Our tiny backyard doesn't offer much in the way of a garden, so I'm looking to my neighbors as a possible solution.
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  • I agree with you Marquette
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