Montreal Urban Preppers and Survivalists

Montreal Urban Preppers and Survivalists
Sunday, 19 February 2017
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Climate Change, wars, ice and solar storms, economic collapse, Coronal Mass Ejections. These are a just few of the many potential cataclysms that could strike our city and effect our lives at any time. Many in society take our current stable environment for granted, assuming, wrongfully, that if it hasn't happened yet, it never will.

This group is created for those individuals that do not suffer from a normalcy bias. For those people that see how vulnerable our society really is. It is created for people that believe anything can happen, anytime, and it's best to be prepared.

This group aims to bring like-minded, serious urban preppers and survivalists together to network and collaborate on preparedness projects and to grow and build a viable urban prepping community. It is a group for people in awareness to societies many vulnerabilities, for individuals concerned and interested in planning for a possible collapse, or climatic catastrophic scenario.

Urban Preppers is created to be a welcoming venue for survivalists and preppers in the Inner city of Montreal. Our group aims to get you prepped for anything and to enhance and hone your urban and outdoor survival skills, to test your equipment and theories, to share your insights and to expand and collaborate on growing a knowledgeable community of prepped and self sufficient survivalists in the city.

This group is for serious preppers and survivalists only. 

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