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Idaho Preppers
Saturday, 11 August 2012
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  • Dan
    Ok folks.. Lets get Idaho up and running. Anyone want to help? I really don't think we have much longer to pull everything together.
    groups.wall 849 days ago
  • We have a local group in SW Idaho. We get together for training on various topics and to also work on hands on projects , like solar heaters, rocket stoves, canning etc.
    groups.wall 1181 days ago
    Dan Do you still hold these get to gether's?849 days ago
  • If you are reading this you might just be doing so from within the North Idaho Area.

    We (our group) are posting this short out reach explanation about us to others in the North Idaho region. If you are currently living up here and you are an advanced prepper in tangible goods we would welcome visiting with you. If you are planning to soon relocate to this region you are welcome to contact us but we will not carry a conversation very far until you have completed your mission and are now living here.

    First off we (our group) do not need your tangible goods as we already have ours as per the requirements to just be part of this group. You will need them. What we offer is what most preppers do not have or can not afford to create. That is a turn key prepper semi remote retreat location which is ready and waiting for the group membership to fall back to and then occupy as we will all be working together to survive for the duration of a serious crisis event. You may also take the next logical step in this direction which is we offer each other the much needed “safety in numbers” but around here we also add “only if those numbers are of the same mind, purpose, dedication and have the same general tangible long term supplies to back it all up”.... “Ahead Of Time.”

    We will not get into much detail at this time however if you do join with us you will not need water purification devices to live here, you will not need to build any form of shelter and you will not need to be concerned about how to say warm and dry. In addition you will not need to worry about how to efficiently cook food, stay clean, enjoy good daily hygiene, have clean clothes and we are mentioning only a few topics here.

    We will mention if you join with us what you will gain. The same goal driven fellowship during fear filled times, others to guard and watch your back while you get your quality sleep, you getting the satisfaction in return of being able to watch and protect your friends backs here as
    groups.wall 1384 days ago
  • My new Idaho group Omega Tactical and Survival located around Cascade, McCall. Come Join if you live around that area.
    groups.wall 1513 days ago
  • Hello everyone and best regards!
    It looks as though I will be moving to ID as soon as my house sells in MO. I was thinking of Northern Idaho. Does anyone have any suggestions as the best area to look for land? I don't know a soul here but read it's a 5 star rated state in the
    "Strategic Relocation" book and that I would find more like-minded people here in regards to preparing for the future etc.
    groups.wall 1545 days ago
    Spud Have you sold your home yet? We are in N Idaho but now wait for folks to move here first before spending time with them. Hundreds have said they are going to and only a few ever do.1402 days ago

This group is open to anyone that lives in or recruits from Idaho. If someone would like to moderate this group, please let me know, and I will give you permissions. 

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