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Bug-Out Prototype (DVD Review)

Thursday, 14 February 2013 18:31 Written by 

There are many individuals and websites dedicated to preparedness information. Regardless of what we may label ourselves as (Preppers, Survivalist, Bushcraft/ Woodsman), the desired end state remains the same; survival at all costs. With our labels, comes countless videos on YouTube with self-proclaimed experts; I know this because we have a few videos on there. These videos range from idiots on their soap box, to true experts in their community. From a guy that spends each day thinking about how to put a survival plan together, building new systems on a budget, making purchase after purchase to evaluate a product, and then sharing this information with a community of Preppers, I know something good when I see it. This is why I recommend purchasing Bug-Out Prototype: Leaving the City Behind.


Prepper Link is in not financially affiliated with Surefire Woodsman; will we NOT receive compensation for DVD purchases.

As I have previously mentioned, I have a little over five years deployed in combat and sustainment operations (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia). The last two deployments I took the time to learn from the natives; individuals considered third world, who make due with whatever they can find and use. I have learned some of their ways, which most would view as primitive, and have adopted these life lessons into my current survival plan. I have always had the philosophy of learning from another’s experience, before I have to recreate the wheel.

To aid in this process, I spend about an hour a day on YouTube conducting research, or looking for videos to share with other Preppers. About a week ago, I came across a YouTube channel called Surefire Woodsman and instantly knew that I had found a gem. One of the videos was a spoiler for Bug-Out Prototype: Leaving the City Behind. After watching the short video, I went to website and ordered the DVD. Being skeptical on what may arrive, I still had my hopes up. The DVD costs $18, so it wasn’t a big loss if it was horrible.

Video Review and My Personal Opinions

Let’s just say I was more than impressed by Bug-Out Prototype. First, this is a man, and his family and friends that put together a video. If you are looking for awesome special effects, look elsewhere (the quality is great; it just won’t be on the big screen). However, if you want to see a practical Bug Out system, one that is truly mobile and can provide long-term support, this DVD is for you. The video begins with news reports and other motivations to get people interested in Preparedness and Bugging Out, but then moves into his approach to Bugging Out.

If you live in a city, you know that your chances of survival are not that great, when compared to others living in remote areas. The challenge that we face becomes, how do you get all of your stuff (food, gear, clothing, medical supplies, etc.), and other things that you may have not thought about (power tools, large alternative energy systems, nuts/bolts, etc.), out of hellish environments so that you have a chance for survival. Some people believe that they could survive with their Bug Out Bag (BOB), some purchase recreational vehicles, some buy a cabin in the woods; however most do not consider all of the other items that are really needed for living a primitive lifestyle.

One of the interesting lines in the video discusses Surefire’s approach to survival. Although he is an avid woodsman, and lives the Bushcraft lifestyle, he states not even 1 in a 1000 can walk into the wilderness and survive with a Bug Out Bag. That fact should hit home, especially if your plan is to Bug Out with your BOB, and you have young children or disabled family members, are not in shape, and you do not have the necessary hunting and foraging skills. Any one mistake, or injury, or illness, or unsuccessful hunt can end your survival hopes; meanwhile hungry zombies are trying to take your hard earned preps.

When early American settlers moved West, they had pack horses and mules forming their supply train, often with months of food and the tools needed for survival. They also had extensive survival knowledge, since it was a way of life. A BOB cannot accomplish this task, unless you have true experience going into the wilderness and living off of the land. An RV requires fuel, whether you need to move it to a location or heat/cool the inside. And, a cabin is a great shelter; however it is not mobile. Regardless of your mode of transportation and shelter, your survival plan is only as good as the supplies and tools that you have stored and that you can carry.

I have been quite vocal against Doomsday Preppers from the beginning. I do not think the people are necessarily bad, or they have horrible ideas; however the show does poorly at capturing how someone prepares, develops their systems, and their overall plan.

The Mobile Bug-Out Prototype DVD takes a step back from the spotlight, and Surefire Woodsman reveals how he has put together his system. Some areas I wish were expanded, but regardless he provides a system that I support and believe can be successful, and a foundation so that you can apply his lessons to your own survival plan. There is a ton of information covered in the video. I see a lot of similarities in his system, and projects that I am working on. And, the “oh… why didn’t I think of that” happened time and time again.

Who this DVD is for. Honestly… Everyone. Even if you plan on Bugging In, I would still recommend the video. But, if you plan is to Bug Out into the wilderness, and want to have a mobile base/workshop, the video is for you. I can’t stress enough the need to learn from another’s experiences; it will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.


So, if you would like to watch a practical video on one family’s Bug Out Plan, order the DVD. Prepper Link is in not financially affiliated with Surefire Woodsman; we will NOT receive financial compensation for DVD purchases. This is an honest review for a DVD that I feel can shine a lot of light on different Bug Out Scenarios. Surefire has other videos, which I will also review. After communicating with Surefire, I can say this is not a get rich scheme; I believe it is a man trying to share practical knowledge, to anyone that is interested in survival.


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