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Altai MF Tactical Boot Review

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 16:33 Written by  Dannyboy

I had the opportunity to test a pair of Altai’s MF Tactical boots for the weekend and want to share my experience. There are dozens of reviews on these boots online, so I'll try and keep it short and to the point, and explain why these boots would be good for preppers.

The manufacturer asserts that “Law Enforcement and Military end-users are raving over its durability, athletic fit, superior waterproof/breathability, traction and all around comfort.” While I can’t verify what other law enforcement and military end users are saying, I can say that I personally agree with the statement. Altai also promotes these boots as pre-broken in, which they definitely are. As someone who has had the unfortunate experience of wearing a new pair of boots on a 5 mile hike, I can attest that these boots truly felt broken in—there was no soreness, swelling, no blisters, or any ill effects at all. They were very comfortable boots. From the moment I put them on, I could tell they were different from similar-styled tactical boots; much lighter, and more comfortable.

Out of the box, it was evident that this was a quality pair of boots. They were well-constructed and the materials seemed durable. The tag on them said that they were made in Korea, but I know there is a Vietnam-made variant as well. Considering that the vast majority of tactical boots are made in China, I consider this to be a great benefit.

They are not as sexy-looking as other boots, but as preppers, we’re not concerned about such things. Function usually supersedes form, but that is not to say that this isn't still a great-looking pair of boots. Not being familiar with SuperFabric®—the material used to construct the upper—I was surprised by how light and flexible it was. It was more breathable than leather, and waterproof. According to Altai’s website, SuperFabric® is “slash-resistant” and is made to withstand harsh environments, being used in motorcycle applications and for industrial work gloves. 

For the prepper, this would be an outstanding pair of boots. They lace-up quickly, since the last two rows of eyelets are hook-style, and would be great in a get-out-quick, bug out situation. The waterproof Vibram® outsole provides good grip and traction, and performs well over asphalt and slick surfaces, as well as on gravel, rocks and uneven surfaces. These boots would be great in tactical situations, for hunting, trekking, or just for everyday use, when your feet need to be protected or kept dry. I wore them for 12 hours a day, and they felt comfortable. Much of it due to the fact that they were breathable and incredibly light (they feel about 2/3 the weight of other tactical boots). The “MF” in the name of these boots implies multi-function, which they truly are.

The retail on these boots is $180, but they’re currently on sale for $130 on Altai’s website. In my opinion, these boots are worth buying. You’re not going to find other boots in this price range that are this lightweight and durable. 

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