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Garbage Bags: Part of Survival Gear

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 00:00 Written by  Craig Caudill

Survival gear is not always what it appears to be. Take for example, a simple trash bag. Although these extraordinarily inexpensive and handy bags are everywhere, most people would not associate them with survival. Garbage bags are indeed a crucial tool that should be in every survival kit.

Not every garbage bag will work for every use. White or clear bags are similar, but in some cases, only a clear bag will do. The following is a short list of some the things any color garbage sack can be used for.

  • Emergency rain poncho, simply cut head and arm holes
  • Use it as it was intended, a bag to carry stuff; Clothes, food and basic supplies
  • Vessel for water--the bag can also be hung to collect rain water
  • A sleeping mat or ground-cover to shield you from dampness
  • Last resort sleeping bag; however, because the bag will get wet inside, it is best not to use this in frigid temps.

There are a few cases where you would want to stick with a clear bag. Anytime the bag will be used to catch or carry water, you want to use the clear style. Also, a clear bag makes it easy to see the gear you are toting. Just remember, garbage bags weigh next to nothing and are extremely easy to pack into any survival bag whether it is for your vehicle or your trail bag. In fact, it is a good idea to pack several of the handy bags in your kit.

And, if you realize you are not going to need your bag for survival, why not use it to clean up the area a bit. The great outdoors are something we all want to enjoy for years to come. Picking up a bit of trash on the way out is easy, and really, each of us owes it to each other to keep the great outdoors beautiful and thriving.

Author Description: Craig Caudill encourages practicing with survival tools and freely shares his knowledge at Dan’s Depot. He is also a nature instructor.

Last modified on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 17:26
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